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5/9/2008 - Well, the new website may make posting updates easier, but sometimes there just isn't a lot to update about. It's been a fairly quiet couple of months in the household. Sue and the baby are doing fine, and we are winding down the last five weeks until our due date. The baby showers brought more gifts than we possibly could have expected. There are only a few remaining holes to fill in: i.e. - the car seat to take her home in. The nursery is also rounding into form, and should be completed very soon.

We do have a couple new updates. Under the Family section, we have pictures from the first baby shower and an update on the pregnancy. Also, under the Home section, we have posts on our new furnace and our office renovation. Check back soon, and we should have pictures of the second baby shower and the nursery renovation.

1/24/2008 - Happy belated New Year! It's nice to turn the page on 2007. Not that it was a bad year. Sue and I found out we would be having a baby, afterall. It's just that 2007 felt like a year where we were always trying to dig out, without ever quite catching up. If I have one New Years Resolution this year, it is to not let stuff pile up.

And speaking of the baby, we had big news this week that fell into the category of little surprise. Sue and I have both felt that we just KNEW what the sex of the baby would be. In fact, Sue felt so strongly about it, that she agreed to find out the sex of the baby at our last appointment. In her words, if she was wrong, she needed time to adjust her train of thought. Anyway, at our second ultrasound, the doctor confirmed our feeling. We will be having a little girl! We have posted the ultrasound pics under the Family section of the site. Apparently, she is quite a little mover already, and quick enough that the doctor lost her patience in trying to get us a really good picture. Baby doesn't like to be poked!

As far as my New Year's Resolution goes... I finished the remainder of our outstanding updates from 2007. We have updates on Father's Day, the Brew Fest, Staining our Decks, Our Halloween Party, and a Wiffleball tournament Scott played in this year. As always, you can find new posts by the bold yellow font in the navigation.

12/26/2007 - Merry Christmas, everyone! We had a busy weekend again this year. Saturday afternoon we had a pre-Christmas lunch at Sue's Mom's house before making the drive to Scott's parents in Adams, MA. After the big Wiglia feast on Christmas Eve, we headed back up north to Sue's brother's house for Christmas dinner. It was a whole lot of driving and a whole lot of eating, but we enjoyed visiting with everyone. Who knows what next year will bring with the baby?

It wasn't all driving, visiting and eating this weekend. At Scott's parent's house, Sue discovered the Lifetime Movie Network; 24-7 over-dramatic chick flicks. My Dad tried defending it, saying he liked watching the movies as well. Good Lord! Anyway, I took advantage of the spare time to catch up on some old stuff. You can read about our living and dining room painting project and the Valentine's Day blizzard from last winter under the Home Projects section. Also, under the Recent Events section, you can read about Sue helping her brother gather maple sap and about our Memorial Day weekend trip to Maine and Boston.

If you hadn't noticed, our Christmas cards are a little tardy this year. In fact, they are still sitting on our kitchen counter. We are still hoping to get them out before the New Year, but in case you can't wait, we have posted our 2007 Christmas Letter under our Family section.

11/29/2007 - Well, we're back! Welcome to the new and improved Gancarz.com! I may have underestimated the amount of work that this little overhaul would take. As it turns out, designing a new website was the easy part. Copying over all the old content was a pain in the ass. Most of the work is done. There are still a few things, like my home brew page, that I'll work on moving over later. But for the most part, if you don't see it, I decided to cut it. There is too much to keep up with as it is, with out worrying about joke pages and movie reviews.

When we weren't working on the new website, Sue and I still managed to keep a fairly busy schedule again this year. We will do our best to go back and fill in some of the blanks on the site. In the meantime, our biggest news from 2007 is that Sue is pregnant! Our due date is June 12th, and we are both very excited. Mommy is doing well. A little tired and some rough bouts of morning sickness from time to time, but the worst seems to be behind her. And now, for our first official post in 314 days, you can find the first ultrasound pictures of the baby under Our Family section.

1/8/2007 - Whoops. At least I was on a roll for a little while there, wasn't I? Well, this time, my long absence wasn't entirely my fault. Our computer died in November. It would just about finish loading up, and then it would reboot. Repeatedly. I tried to take it apart and fix it, but all I accomplished was to get it to make a very loud siren noise while it constantly rebooted. Oh, well. Instead of rebuilding it for the upteenth time, we decided to get a laptop instead. We found a very good deal on a Dell Inspiron from the Dell site that matches or exceeds the specs of the old computer. We love it. It actually hasn't even made it back up to the office yet. It tends to float between the living room and the dining room.

In addition to a new computer, we are getting a new refrigerator, too. Our old one died on us last Thursday. Kind of sucks. Sue came home from work to a puddle of water on the kitchen floor, and we ended up having to throw out a lot of food. We decided on a Kenmore model from Sears with the freezer on the bottom, instead of a side by side model like our old one. In the meantime, we've been using my little dorm fridge from college until Sears delivers the new one on Tuesday.

I have been toying with the idea of completely overhauling the site lately. I figured that before I get too carried away, I should close out 2006 first. So here, in one really big update, I have posted the following: On channel 2 are pictures from the Burlington Air Show this past August; On channel 1, I have finally posted pictures of our new house. On Channel 2 again are pictures from Adam, Heather & Wesley's visit in September. Over on channel 6 are before and after pictures of our big tree removal project and of our new dining room set that Sue found on Craig's List. Back on channel 2 are pictures of our first annual Halloween party and of Sue's business trip to Lake Placid. Finally, channel 5 has been updated with all of my recent home brew projects. Phew, I think that finally catches me up now.